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Acute Laminitis

About the Diagnosis Laminitis (or founder) is a painful condition of the foot. It specifically occurs where the hard covering of the hoof meets the soft tissues inside the foot, known as the lamina. “Lamina” = soft tissues that connect the coffin bone to the hoof wall. “Itis” = inflammation. When this connection (lamina) is damaged, the coffin bone is no longer supported within the hoof wall and the weight of the horse pushes the coffin bone down onto the sole, tearing the lamina and crushing the soft tissue of the sole. This damage results in severe pain. Once these soft tissues are damaged the deep digital flexor tendon continues its pull on the bottom of the coffin bone, pulling […]

Introducing Dr. Michael W. Ross as a New Partner in the Business

Pine Bush Equine Services and Dr. Herb Burns would like to take this opportunity to introduce Dr. Michael W. Ross as a new partner in the business. As many of you may already know, Dr. Ross has been coming to Pine Bush to do surgery and consult on lame horses for 30 years. Dr. Ross is looking forward to his new role as managing partner of the practice and looks forward to working with you. Dr. Burns and Pine Bush Equine Services are looking forward to some new changes and with these changes, new advances in equine health services. Dr. Ross is a graduate of Cornell University’s New York State College of Veterinary Medicine. He is a Professor of Surgery at […]