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Veterinary Dental Health Month

• February is Veterinary Dental Health Month. Join us in improving your horse’s overall welfare by starting with a dental examination.
• The AAEP recommends yearly examinations for horses between 5 and 20 years of age and twice yearly for all others.
• Dental examinations should include sedation and use of a speculum to ensure that your horse’s full mouth can be examined. Read more here about what to expect during your horse’s dental examination. (
• Schedule your dental examination in February for Half Off. Dental examinations include sedation, oral exam and recommendations for care or treatment.
• Does not include call charge.
• Aftercare such as teeth floating may be performed at the time of examination at you and your veterinarian’s discretion. Aftercare pricing is not included in the offer. More advanced aftercare and further diagnostics may require a second appointment.

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