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Dynamic Laryngoscopy

Dynamic LaryngoscopyWe are proud to provide the equine dynamic laryngoscope to allow for comprehensive and accurate diagnosis of upper respiratory disease. Until now, horses suffering from poor performance or making an unusual respiratory noise could only be evaluated endoscopically pre-and post exercise or on a treadmill under endoscopic visualization.  Because many types of upper airway dysfunction are only seen during representative exercise, standing endoscopy often could not reproduce the underlying problem.  Treadmill limitations occurred because head and neck positioning often were different from those seen during work.  At last, the dynamic scope will allow for complete visualization of the upper airway while performing all types of equine athletic disciplines.

The new Equine Dynamic Laryngoscope allows the veterinarian to see into the upper airway of the horse. It is lightweight and compact. The unit requires little space on the saddle itself which is independent of the rider, and the endoscopy portion fits snugly around the horse's head with an adjustable halter and quick release.

During the exam, the Laryngoscope uses a xenon light scope and an adjustable scope attachment to take high quality digital videos of the upper airway, showing items such as the movement inside of the airway. This digital media can be downloaded and stored accordingly allowing the veterinarians to make conclusive decisions regarding the horse's respiratory tract.