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The importance of equine dental care is becoming more and more evident to horse owners. In order to stay competitive, equestrians need to have their horse's teeth in perfect order so their horses respond appropriately to the bit.

The PowerFloat transforms a physically demanding task into one requiring little physical effort. It allows the veterinarian to concentrate on doing high-quality dentistry instead of just "floating" teeth. In just a matter of 6 to 8 minutes the average horse's dental needs are fully accomplished in a precise and gentle manner.

Using sedation, a dental speculum and a dental halter with a Versabrite light source, a veterinarian is able to show clients what dental corrections are necessary. The horse owners like to see for themselves what is occurring in their horse's mouth and gain an understanding of the importance of dental maintenance. It becomes obvious to owners that this kind of motorized dentistry is a very gentle procedure compared with hand floating. PowerFloat dental procedures can be completed without causing trauma to the oral mucosa. The head of the tool is designed to allow entry to all necessary areas of the mouth. Even the rear molar hooks and ramps can be successfully reduced in just seconds.

Advantages to PowerFloat vs. traditional floating:

Efficient - The small size of the abrasive surface and stationary guard permit easy access to all areas of the mouth on all breeds of horses. Most rear molar hooks and ramps can be reduced in seconds.
Effective - While floating the dental arcades, the veterinarian is able to examine and appraise the progress of the procedure with relative ease. A visual overview allows the veterinarian to balance the arcades with more precision than ever before.Physical exertion is virtually eliminated.
Gentle - to the horse because PowerFloat instrumentation allows the veterinarian to complete tasks more quickly and with minimal contact to the soft tissues in the mouth.